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We introduce ourselves!

How nice that you would like to get to know us. We, that is dr.med.dent. Marc Adler, Master of Science Orthodontics, and his dedicated team. In addition to high-quality orthodontic services, we offer a warm and relaxed practice environment where you will feel completely at ease.

Our orthodontically focused practice specializes in treating adult patients with invisible braces. We firmly believe that every adult can benefit from braces treatment. We are not only concerned with "appearances", that is, beautifying your smile. It's just as important to us to contribute to your long-term dental health. After all, beautiful straight teeth are easier to care for and maintain.

Our Promise

We believe in honesty and open communication. That's why we make it a point to really get to know you - the person behind the smile. At no time will you feel like a number or a "set of teeth in a dentist's chair" with us.

Invisible Treatment

Our modern orthodontic options allow us to treat you in such a way that no one can see you are wearing braces. After all, no one has to know, unless you want to tell them yourself. We look forward to introducing you to invisible braces treatment options (including aligners, Invisalign, and clear aligners).

Initial Consultation

Want to learn about your orthodontic options first? No problem. Our initial consultation is completely non-binding. If you are then still interested in removable, invisible braces (aligners), we are sure to find the perfect solution for you.

Our Team